Hello and welcome.

Elite Wargames and models are a manufacture of finely detailed white metal figures for wargamers and collectors in 28mm and 15mm scales. We also make detailed resin terrine and other terrine items to.

Elite Wargames and models started life making resin bases /markers .

Back in 2012 we purchased the 15mm Jacobite miniatures range

When we purchased the range it wasn’t in production and hadn’t of been for many years

Due to this the 100’s of moulds had no mould ID@’s to tell what was in each mould ,

we only had a old catalogue that you would pick up on the stand at a show and a few old photos and the book of logos,

so we set to work putting the range back into production painfully identifying every single figure that each mould cast some figures are easy to identify if you know that period others are not, so fellow wargaming friends helped out to date not all the range has been released this is due to the amount of time it has taken but we are slowly getting their .

Elite Wargames and models also make 28mm females for Napoleonic , Dark ages and WW2

All are sensibly dressed ideal for many gaming uses or to collectors.